Mastermind Recap!

I recently hosted my first in-person mastermind–and I loved it!

More importantly, my attendees loved it! I was honored to host some incredibly talented and brilliant women, and help them dive into their business challenges and create actionable plans over the course of two days.

I kicked off the mastermind with an icebreaker dinner the night before. We all got to know each other, and made a point to connect on something other than work topics–we all shared fun facts about ourselves, and what we liked to do outside of work.

Doing the icebreaker without a focus on work allowed for everyone to get to know each other–not just our jobs.

The amazing attendees were: Allyssa Barnes, Cinthia Pacheco, Jamie D’Andrea, Karissa Skirmont, Maleka Vrana, and Shaina Longstreet. I couldn’t have asked for a better group! Everyone got along so well, and contributed to discussions sharing advice and experience.

Day One

Monday morning started bright and early in our suite at The Curtis at 9am (yeah, I’m not too much of a morning person). Maleka made cappuccinos for everyone who wanted one, while I went over the ground rules for the hotseats. And then… the hotseats began.

Each attendee got 20-minutes to explain their challenge, and get feedback and advice from everyone else. I kept time and kept the hotseats moving.

I did think we might finish early, but the time I allotted ended up being perfect, once breaks and some slight overages were added in.

We all went to lunch together at The Market, which is a quirky sandwich shop.

After lunch, Lauren Pawell from Bixa Media joined us as a guest expert to lend us her marketing brain! She’s absolutely brilliant, and I’m so happy she made time for us, to cover some topics that I am NOT an expert in.

After picking Lauren’s brain, everyone started work on their plans. The goal of the mastermind was for everyone to leave having made some progress on their challenge, and with a clear map on the next steps they would need to take.

Lauren and I tag-teamed each group, answering questions and providing guidance.

And then… it was time to get ready for dinner!

We made reservations and had a pre-fix menu at Sip which was wonderful. They took excellent care of us, and everything was delicious.

After that, we called it a night!

Day Two

Tuesday started with more hotseats! This time, each attendee presented their plan that they had worked on the previous afternoon. Everyone gave feedback and helped establish any additional steps or actions that needed to be taken.

And then it was time to eat again!

This time, for lunch, we went to the Dairy Block, which everyone seemed to really enjoy because there was such a wide variety of food options. And, the whole place is very Instagram-able.

After lunch, we returned to the suite and everyone started taking action. I worked one-on-one with each attendee, giving feedback and pushing some of them a little outside of their comfort zones, in order to create the changes they want in their businesses.

It was so incredible to see how quickly they all were making progress! Having a clear plan and focused work time, along with brilliant brains to bounce ideas off of, makes such an impact!

Sadly, work time flew by (it seemed so short!), but fortunately we still had dinner at Los Chingones to look forward to.

Bethany from Unique Think joined us, to give insight into selling discovery calls (so much great advice!), and then once “business” was all done, we relaxed, kicked up our feet, and just enjoyed each others’ company.

Unfortunately, that brought the mastermind to a close, and we had to start saying goodbye.

I had such a great time, not only because I love teaching in person, but because the group was incredible. These ladies shared so much information and knowledge with each other! And it was amazing to see them take action immediately and start implementing.

I’ll be following up with them over the next few months–I can’t wait to see where they take their businesses!