Client Screening Quiz

Is that client or project a good fit for you?

Take the quiz and find out if you should take on that project or not!

All too often, we work on projects that we shouldn’t

Sometimes we get a gut feeling about a project being bad (trust it!) but not always. Sometimes bad-fit clients blindside us and we have to dig our way out of the mess.

There are many reasons a project may be a bad fit for us, whether the client is a nightmare, we'd be in over our heads, or we just aren't interested in working on it.

But when a project is bad for us, we start to resent it. And as a result, we don't produce our best work, we get stressed out, and we sometimes even take it out on our clients.

It's not fair to us OR our clients to work this way. Everyone ends up unhappy, which is not how we want to run our businesses.

That's why this quiz exists. To help identify problem projects before they even get started, so that you can direct clients to someone who is a better fit for them, and you can work on projects that make you excited and happy.

You and your clients deserve it.

Take the quiz!

Disclaimer: This quiz is designed for entertainment purposes. Regardless of the quiz result, the decision to take on a client or not is yours and yours alone. We're not responsible for any decision you make or the results of that decision. Please see our terms for more details.

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